Point of Sale Systems

A simple and robust system using Aures Touchscreen Tills

FasTrak uses Aures touchscreen tills for its point of sale systems. Aures tills are used around the world by companies and have been for over 25 years. They are a robust, compact and affordable option

Aures Terminals are fanless, compact and high performance touchscreen tills. They come in a choice of two formats: a traditional 4:3 15.1’’ screen or a Wide 16:9 15.6’’ screen. All new systems come with Windows 8.1 embedded, 4GB of Ram and a 128 GB SSD.

Aures terminals come with 3 years RTB warranty with 1st Year on site. All software updates are supplied as part of the schools regular maintenance agreement.

The FasTrak cashless catering Point of Sale Till system is simple, clean and versatile. Installation and setup is a hassle-free task and does not take long for catering staff to fully master the till system and all the options it provides.

FasTrak running on a Yuno Touchscreen Display

Yuno 4:3 15.1 touchscreen display

Simple and attractive layout of products and menus allows fast and accurate processing of purchases, using high-quality touch screen tills including and accessible over multiple devices.

  • Whole site software license – SQL server based application, accessible from multiple machines on the school network as required
  • Accurate information fed down from school MIS
  • Payment points using touch screen tills with Mifare Card, PIN pad or photo lookup
  • Manage break time snacks or ‘one off’ events by running software on existing laptop or existing touch screen
  • Accurate information fed down from school MIS
  • Grab bag/Pre order from multiple locations, utilising existing hardware

Using FasTrak’s central identity management system connected to the till, students are automatically prevented from ordering food that is potentially harmful to them.

Fully customisable day-by-day menus

Menus on the till are fully customisable day-by-day and can be planned for weeks in advance. Making meal selections and payments – whether by biometrics or smart cards – a simple task with automatic alerts for staff and students on important allergy information.

At the end of the school day – the end-of-day reporting process is run on the cashless system and tills. This creates important reports and analysis of sales and meal uptake every day as well as clearing down the system ready for the following day.

Benefits of the FasTrak Point of Sale Till system:

  • Easy touch screen operation
  • Fully customisable menus
  • Weekly pre-order menus
  • All payment methods accepted
  • Handles cashless payments and cash easily
  • UIFSM and FSM seamlessly integrated
  • Full end-of-day reporting