MIS Integration for all your applications & systems

Integrate FasTrak with your schools MIS for accurate data management

All staff and student information is automatically downloaded from the school’s Management Information System (MIS), including FSM entitlement and photographs, reducing the administrative burden and possibility of errors for the catering staff. MIS integration ensures accurate & up-to-date information is available for all catering staff.

For catering managers – administration and product management

MIS Integration

Our solution sits at the heart of your school’s system, syncing all devices & data

FasTrak’s administration software allows complete control over each product you add. Add as many products as you like, set prices, VAT, and free school meal availability on a per-product basis. Categorise your products as needed – e.g. ‘Lunch’, ‘Snack’, ‘Hot Drink’ – you choose the categories that you want.

Students who are lactose intolerant? Allergic to nuts? Use FasTrak’s product warnings to display an alert if a student attempts to order a product that is unsuitable for them.

For staff members – pre-order control and supervision

Students can only pre-order food when a staff member has logged into the pre-order system and selected the relevant class. Once pre-orders have been made, the staff member can see a visual representation of who has ordered what, and edit selections if needed.

For students – pre-order options

The pre-ordering process is simple for students; once a staff member has logged in, the student selects their name or photo on-screen, and then chooses one of the available meals (or meal deals).

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Sync all devices with FasTrak application
  • Deliver accurate & up-to-date information
  • Full control of all meal & student data
  • Create extensive reports to monitor school meal uptake