Identity Management

Central console for managing BioStore databases and the identification services for all attached applications

BioStore has been developing identity management technologies since 2005, providing high quality, secure systems for education, making it easy to manage the various software applications in use through one secure central database.

Many of the day-to-day administrative tasks for the applications in an organisation can be easily accessed in one place, simplifying processes and reducing human error.

Use BioStore’s IDManager to create and print new or replacement smart cards, enrol biometrics or add and remove permissions for individuals and groups.

Identity Management delivers a number of key benefits:

  • BioStore’s IDManager integrates with all leading Management Information Systems
  • No more registering each person into more than one system
  • No more out-of-sync databases
  • No more running round the building to deactivate a user in several different applications
  • Use a combination of cards, biometrics and PIN’s
  • Reduce queuing times
  • Make access to the building and to sensitive documents more secure
  • BioStore integrates with a range of leading suppliers

Create, manage & print ID cards using BioStore’s card management suite


To meet current legislation for the Protection of Freedoms Act, BioStore provides each installation with a Card Management Bureau service, providing an opt-out solution for students who do not opt-in to use biometrics, but still allowing them to utilise the identification facility.

Being able to print cards on-site is a simple, cost-effective way to ensure there are no delays when assigning all students to the secure central database for use across all applications.