FasTrak Cloud Solution

The FasTrak Cloud Solution provides schools with the freedom, flexibility and cost-efficiency to deliver all cashless catering and attendance applications.

With our Cloud Solution, schools get all of FasTrak’s great applications at a cost-effective price with no technical barriers. We completely handle the implementation and maintenance of a school’s system over the cloud, removing any need for technical expertise or investment in new expensive network infrastructure.


Our Cloud Solution helps keep school IT costs to a minimum when implementing our range of FasTrak applications, including cashless catering and attendance monitoring.

Instead, FasTrak is operated from within our Cloud Solution, taking responsibility for the server and network required to run this service on a school’s system. We handle all implementation and maintenance of the server and its applications, and let schools get on with enjoying the benefits of our solutions and nothing else.

With the increasing cost of maintaining IT equipment along with the expertise required to manage these, many organisations are looking at cloud solutions to provide its services.

Delivering cashless catering & attendance solutions through our FasTrak Cloud Solution will provide schools with a number of benefits:


Get up and running quicker with reduced IT infrastructure and network changes


No need to invest in additional servers or network infrastructure


Less reliance on IT staff or expensive consultants for building and managing the infrastructure


Reduced down-time as services are automatically monitored with expert support always on hand

stability STABLE & SECURE

All data is continually backed-up and encrypted securely with failover capabilities


Manage and maintain staff & student accounts across multi-site installations


Reduce the load on critical on-premise school servers

cloudservices_icons_08 EASY USER ACCESS

Secure access for staff & parents through a dedicated portal across multiple devices

cloudservices_icons_09 SYSTEM INTEGRATION

Complete integration with school MIS systems & other connected services

How our applications are delivered via the Cloud Solution


Our Cloud Solution manages the servers running the software, rather than the servers being located on-premise at the school. This provides all the benefits of our solutions, delivered via a secure internet connection, without the burden of extra loads on the network or additional equipment to maintain.

Support is also made incredibly simple with our FasTrak Cloud Solution, which includes an annual support and maintenance contract so our expert team can ensure everything runs smoothly and securely. This relieves the burden on school IT administrators, reducing costs and ensuring continued delivery of our services.

High resilience and high performance servers managed and maintained by BioStore provides extensive recovery and back-up capabilities to ensure school data is never lost. Our Cloud Solution also includes strong cyber security & encryption processes to ensure data is always securely protected.

Cloud Access & Connectivity


All school departments can access and manage the system across a range of devices. With RemoteApp technology, laptops, tablets and smartphones can connect to the system with a secure log-in via a dedicated web-portal. Access to the Cloud Solution is secured with two-factor authentication or by using our industry-leading biometric solutions.

Staff log-in securely to access information they require, whether to run reports or manage daily meal requirements and menus. Parents and students are also able to access key services via the secure web portal from their PC’s, laptops and smartphones for meal pre-ordering or account top-up.

Our Cloud Solution also connects with a school’s Management Information System. Databases are automatically populated with the information held on the school’s MIS, ensuring FSM and UIFSM entitlements are relayed to FasTrak ready for uptake.

Linking with the school’s administration servers also provides write-back to the attendance system.


pointServer and network infrastructure costs vastly cut

crossNo IT expertise needed

24hr24-hour tech support

123Easy set-up and maintenance

tickFull MIS integration

systemFull management across all devices

dataStrong cyber security

backupData back-up and recovery

accessEasy access for staff and parents