The FasTrak cashless software is fully scalable and accessible over multiple devices, so has an added advantage of being able to utilise the majority of windows based devices as a cashless till – allowing the school to define a larger or smaller screen selection to their specification if required.

BioStore has been developing identity management technologies since 2005, providing high quality, secure systems for education, making it easy to manage the various software applications in use through one secure central database.

The BioStore database is encrypted using AES256 – an industry standard and highly secure technology. All communications between applications and the database are also encrypted using AES256.

FasTrak’s Cloud Solution provides schools with a simple and secure system that includes cashless catering and attendance monitoring to deliver improved school management processes without the need to invest in new expensive infrastructure.

FasTrak’s cash loaders enable students to use the school’s cashless catering system if they were unable to top up their account online. FasTrak cash loaders are simple and straightforward to use, requiring the student to identify themselves to top-up their cashless catering account for use straight away.

All staff and student information is automatically downloaded from the school’s Management Information System (MIS), including FSM entitlement and photographs, reducing the administrative burden and possibility of errors for the catering staff.

The FasTrak cashless catering Point of Sale Till system is simple, clean and versatile. Installation and setup is a hassle-free task and does not take long for catering staff to fully master the till system and all the options it provides.