Secondary School Attendance System

Register student attendance in class when pre-ordering school meals

FasTrak’s Secondary School Attendance System reduces the administration of registering students each time they enter class. eRegistration IDPoints can be located outside each classroom to capture a scan of the students fingerprint or smart card. This means FasTrak can write back attendance marks to the school’s Management Information System (MIS), taking the register for classroom teachers automatically. This provides extensive reports that can be used to monitor student attendance levels, and in the case of an emergency, a complete list of who is on-site and where can be printed.

Attendance & registration delivers a number of key benefits:

  • Convenience – Teachers may not always have access to a computer in order to complete a register. Registration points in PE changing rooms or outside the assembly hall can provide a useful alternative.
  • Time Saving – Teachers no longer have to take time to register every student; people can simply scan their finger (or use a card or PIN) as they walk through a classroom door or move around the school.
  • Control – Staff can keep an eye on registration, view attendance reports for a selection of people or everyone in the database, and view real-time updates when people register in or out.
  • Responsibility – By using the e-Registration system, students learn to take responsibility for their own attendance record.

Using BioStore’s e-registration software, teachers no longer have to take time to register every student, but can still keep an eye on registration, view attendance reports, and view real-time status updates when students register in or out.

Dedicated e-Registration

By integrating with BioStore’s dedicated e-registration software, many additional features become available:

  • Write back present/late/absent marks
  • Staff time and attendance records
  • Generate and print registration reports:
    1. Emergency List – snapshot of students currently registered in or out
    2. Registration Transactions – transactions on a student-by-student basis
    3. Attendance – Attendance records for students