Primary School Attendance System

Register student attendance in class when pre-ordering school meals

FasTrak’s pre-ordering system can be used as a simple e-registration system. All students and staff can participate in the pre-ordering process, even if they are bringing a packed lunch or not staying on-site for lunch. This means FasTrak can write back attendance marks to the school’s Management Information System (MIS), taking the register for classroom teachers automatically.

till screenshot

Attendance Key Features:

  • Pupils record themselves as present on interactive whiteboard in classroom
  • Records back into the school MIS (Management Information System) automatically
  • Releases extra time to teaching
  • Reduces administration time

Using BioStore’s e-registration software, teachers no longer have to take time to register every student, but can still keep an eye on registration, view attendance reports, and view real-time status updates when people register in or out.

Dedicated e-Registration

By integrating with BioStore’s dedicated e-registration software, many additional features become available:

  • Write back present/late/absent marks
  • Staff time and attendance records
  • Generate and print registration reports:
    1. Emergency List – snapshot of students currently registered in or out
    2. Registration Transactions – transactions on a student-by-student basis
    3. Attendance – Attendance records for students