College Attendance System

A modern approach to 6th form college registration

In the college environment, students hours are far more fluid than the set times typical of primary and secondary schools. And to match those more flexible attendance hours, FasTrak provides a more flexible attendance system to keep track of who is on site, where they last checked in, and even monitor presence at specific lectures.


Using biometric technology, or a smart card, pin or password, students can simply sign in and out of campus at specially designated ID points. Colleges can even mount ID points at the entrance to every classroom, common room, library, or sports hall.

Instead of using valuable teaching time taking a register at the start of every lecture – FasTrak’s solution allows college students the independence to sign themselves in and out quickly and efficiently.

And of course, in those cases where presence is part of the qualification – clocking up practice hours for example – the centralised ID system provides an automatic and accurate attendance record.

And that is where biometric systems can really come into their own. Nobody can fool the system by swiping someone else’s card for example or “borrow” another student’s fingerprint. Perhaps an even bigger benefit is that students can’t lose their fingerprints or leave home without them.

FasTrak’s attendance and registration systems have multiple benefits for students and colleges:


  • Easy access and log-in
  • Multiple use Smartcards or biometrics
  • Biometric systems mean nothing to lose
  • Automatically register course attendance
  • Access course facilities and resources


  • Fully automated systems and records
  • Maximise teaching time and reduce lecturer admin
  • Track student movements across campus
  • Prohibit unauthorised visitors
  • Accurate head-counts in emergencies

Dedicated e-Registration

By integrating with BioStore’s dedicated e-registration software, many additional features become available:

  • Write back present/late/absent marks
  • Staff time and attendance records
  • Generate and print registration reports:
    1. Emergency List – snapshot of students currently registered in or out
    2. Registration Transactions – transactions on a student-by-student basis
    3. Attendance – Attendance records for students