Student Attendance System

Free up staff time and improve registration with student attendance

FasTrak offers a variety of different ways to track student attendance. Different levels of school and environments call for different solutions. Using BioStore’s e-registration software, teachers no longer have to take time to register every student, but can still keep an eye on registration, view attendance reports and real-time status updates when students register in or out.


Primary School Attendance System

Simple and quick to use for pupils and teachers, the interactive whiteboard meal pre-order and attendance screen gathers the information the kitchen needs for food preparation, driving up efficiency and reducing costs.

Secondary School Attendance System

Write back to all popular MIS’s is included for AM/PM and lesson-by-lesson registration marks. Complex timetabling support provides staff time and attendance, sixth form, lates, AM/PM registration and lesson-by-lesson all from easy to use IDPoints.

College Attendance System

Using biometric technology, or a smart card, pin or password, students can simply sign in and out of campus at specially designated ID points. Colleges can even mount ID points at the entrance to every classroom, common room, library, or sports hall.

University Attendance System

University students – whether freshers getting used to independence for the first time or returning mature students – are ideal users of biometric or smartcard-based attendance, registration and access systems.