School Meal Uptake Reporting

Monitor school meal uptake and prepare school dinners in advance

Meal deals and grab-bags provide more choice for students, encouraging the take-up of school meals. In addition to having control over available products, FasTrak provides detailed transaction tracking.

FasTrak’s school meal reporting system delivers accurate and up-to-date information to the kitchen, enabling catering staff to prepare the correct amount of school meals for the day.

As well as ensuring enough food is ordered for the upcoming school meals that require preparing, the ability to report on meal uptake as well as sales, helps to identify popular meals choices, allowing schools to maximise revenue through school meal management.

School Meal Order Report

See what has been ordered to ensure accurate school meal management

School Meal Sales Report

See what has been purchased to ensure accurate school meal reporting

Reporting Key Features:

  • Pre-order -View pre-orders for your whole school, just for a class (or multiple classes), and any uncollected pre-orders
  • Transactions -View transactions for a single user, group of users, or for your whole school. Run reports on fund deposits and sales
  • Run reports on free school meal allowances, and free school meal eligibility which is due to expire
  • Revenue Overview -Run reports on the revenue of your cashless catering system
  • Product Sales Analysis -View sales and popularity of each product you offer
  • All reports are available in PDF, Word Document, or Excel Spreadsheet formats
  • Preview reports directly from FasTrak before printing
  • Quickly open reports in Microsoft Excel for further analysis or presentation