UIFSM & Free School Meal Management

FasTrak fully complies with UIFSM legislation

Since September 2014, all children in the first three years of primary school in England have been eligible for UIFSM (Universal Infant Free School Meals). Schools need to accurately monitor the demand for primary school meals, including those entitled to UIFSM, older students entitled to FSM, and the increase in demand for paid meals by other students that this initiative brings.

The FasTrak Universal Infant Free School Meal system for primary schools provide management of UIFSM, FSM, and paid meals. Extensive reporting options are available for UIFSM and FSM, including UIFSM/FSM allowances, and student eligibility that is due to expire.

Full FSM management, with student information fed from school MIS

Management of Free School Meals happens automatically through information fed down from the schools’ Management Information System (MIS). Full accounting & reporting ensures accurate and efficient reclaiming with full audit trails.

FSM Management reduces the stigma attached to Free School Meals, allowing all students to order & pay using the same process, whether using FSM entitlement or not.

Benefits of using FasTrak for UIFSM & FSM:

  • Accurate reporting of free school meals served
  • Reduced school administration
  • More efficient service at meal times
  • Increased uptake of school meals
  • Free school meal administration without stigma for the student
  • Accurate information fed down from school MIS
  • Monitoring of student FSM entitlement
  • Free School Meal (FSM) management and simplified reclaim