Extensive School Meal Reporting

Manage costs, reduce waste and predict future school meal demand

A whole range of reports ensure the catering manager can remain in charge of, and easily access all the data recorded on product sales, system usage and student accounts. Break down information is also available based on many categories including year, class, gender, product type and many more.

The BioStore FasTrak system is built on SQL Server technology and retains a full dataset for all previous days/weeks/months/years without affecting performance, this allows extensive reports and statistics to be extracted easily as required – a year end process is not required for this reason.

All reports are available to export in multiple formats (PDF, Word Document, Excel, etc) and can be printed, or saved electronically.

Banking and reconciliations with full end-of-day reporting makes sure everything adds up at the end of each day, leaving schools to feel secure that the accounting has been done with total accuracy with full cross checks.

FasTrak’s reporting options allow for considered analysis of the school’s meals. Popular meals and trends can be identified and likewise unpopular choices, making it easier for schools to review their catering budget and adjust menus in order to minimise waste and maximise profits.

Meal deals and grab-bags provide more choice for students, encouraging the take-up of school meals. In addition to having control over available products, FasTrak provides detailed transaction tracking.

Management of UIFSM & Free School Meals happens automatically through information fed down from the schools’ Management Information System (MIS). Extensive reporting options are available for UIFSM and FSM, including allowances and student eligibility that is due to expire.

The FasTrak reporting system helps schools keep track of the number of FSM and UIFSM meals served. This is crucial data for schools to analyse and record to ensure FSM & UIFSM meal uptake is accurately accounted for, so pupil premium funding can be calculated.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Accurate and Extensive reporting helping to manage costs, reduce waste and predict future demand
  • Banking and reconciliations with full end-of-day reporting
  • Fully auditable payments
  • Provide clear, concise income reporting
  • Entry of money by cash loader, cheque and online

Reports in FasTrak come in five categories:

    1. View pre-orders for your whole school, just for a class (or multiple classes), and any uncollected pre-orders
    1. View transactions for a single user, group of users, or for your whole school
    2. Run reports on fund deposits and sales
    Subsidised Meals
    1. Run reports on free school meal allowances, and free school meal eligibility which is due to expire
    Revenue Overview
    1. Run reports on the revenue of your cashless catering system
    Product Sales Analysis
    1. View sales and popularity of each product you offer

Format choice:

  1. All reports are available in PDF, Word Document, or Excel Spreadsheet formats
  2. Preview reports directly from FasTrak before printing
  3. Quickly open reports in Microsoft Excel for further analysis or presentation