School Meal Management

Full product creation and management with multi-pricing and categorisation

Create menus, add products and edit layouts. Set up a weekly rotation to automatically change menus on a daily basis. Setup daily session menus to change for breakfast, break, dinner and after school. Menu creation and weekly rotation functionality provides school meal variety with customised dietary alerts.

Administration & product management for school meal options

Knowing how many school meals to prepare greatly reduces food waste, and ensures each student receives their choice of school lunch, whether it be a grab bag, selection from school dinner menu or snack.


You have complete control over each product you add to FasTrak. Add as many products as you like. Set price, VAT, and free school meals availability on a per-product basis.


The easiest way to sort products into different groups. Add all the categories you need, e.g. ‘Lunch’, ‘Snack’, ‘Hot drink’. You choose the categories that you want.

Warnings & Alerts

Warnings and alerts are fully supported across all products and students, which can be set up for specific dietary and allergy requirements. Purchases at the till or pre-ordering stations will show alerts and prevent purchases where enforced.

Grab-bag management

Using a self-service till, staff and students can pre-order a grab bag of their choice, pay for it from their account and receive a receipt. Catering staff can prepare the bags for collection based on a simple to understand report. Collection is easy using sequential numbers to identify the bags.

Discounted set meals

Set up & create fully customisable set menus at a discount to encourage more students and staff to use the catering facilities.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Pre-order online from a selection of menus
  • Parents can pre-order children’s meals in advance
  • Send the meal selection information directly to the kitchen
  • Allows better planning & management of food allocation