Manage School Meal Payments

Accept Biometric & Smart Card payments for school meals

Managing school meal payments effectively, will significantly reduce the school administration of handling cash, and provide accurate monitoring of FSM eligibility with full audit trails.

Cash in schools is becoming less common as schools & local authorities find innovative ways to deliver cashless management solutions for school catering systems.

Dinner Money Management for Caterers

Different facilities therefore require various technological solutions to effectively manage school dinner money payments, and as such, need applications to cover:

  1. UIFSM Management in Primary Schools
  2. FSM Management in Primary & Secondary Schools
  3. Cashless Catering & Dinner Money Management
  4. Office Administration & Reporting Modules

Dinner money data is fed down from the school’s MIS to ensure correct entitlement & meal requirements are received.


Technically there is no requirement to manage dinner money for Universal Infant Free School Meals, however, to ensure you are able to accurately report back to your local authority the level of meal uptake, a monitoring & reporting system must be in place.


Pupils that are eligible for Free School Meals can use FasTrak Dinner Money Management system to collect their meal at lunchtime. Any stigma from receiving such a benefit is eliminated when using a cashless system.

Information about eligibility is automatically fed down through the MIS to the student’s account, with full accounting & reporting facilities to ensure accurate and efficient reclaiming with full audit trails.

Free School Meals can be administered directly by the school, with a set value loaded onto the recipient’s account on a daily basis.

Cashless Catering

Whether a school uses biometric readers or smart cards to manage cashless school dinner payments, caterers can be safe in the knowledge that accurate and up-to-date information is passed down from the MIS to ensure all students are able to use available funds in their account or FSM entitlement.