Online School Meal Ordering

Pre-order school meals online quickly & easily

With an easy to use online interface, FasTrak’s online pre-ordering system provides parents with an alternative to their children using the class-based ordering system.

Using FasTrak’s online pre-ordering system, parents can log in to view the available options for the weeks ahead, and choose the meal for each weekday, or only specific days as required.

Online School Meal Orders for Parents

Choices made using the online pre-ordering system are sent back to the school’s FasTrak system, ensuring the chosen pre-order options are saved to the student’s account. Accounts are only charged once the student receives their pre-ordered meal.

Online school meal orders are quickly registered on the child’s account

Choose school meals online for weeks ahead

Parents can log in to the online payment portal at any time to top-up their child’s account or to view transaction / payment history.

Online School Meal Options for Parents

With options including school meal deals and grab-bags to provide more choice for students, take-up of school meals is encouraged.

In addition to having control over available products, FasTrak provides transaction data tracking, made possible with our range of report options.

Online meal orders & payments are quickly registered on the child’s account