Cashless Catering: Class Ordering

Pre-order school meals in class using interactive whiteboards

Simple and quick to use for pupils and teachers, the whiteboard meal pre-order and attendance screen gathers the information the kitchen needs for food preparation – driving up efficiency and reducing costs.

till screenshot

FasTrak’s pre-order system allows schools to set pre-order menu options for up to five weeks in advance. Each day, a staff member can log in and select a class.

Students then select their name or photo, and then they can select from one of eight meals and pick it up later, without needing to queue to place their order at lunch time.

By keeping this system class-based, staff can supervise the pre-ordering process to ensure all students are able to choose a meal. Security is also heightened; students cannot pre-order meals for other classes, or change existing pre-orders.

Key features:

  • Simple daily pre-ordering
  • Set different pre-order options weeks in advance
  • Each student will only see their own class
  • Staff have their own dedicated pre-order page