Cashless Vending

Upgrade your vending machines without the cost of replacing them

Cashless vending using FasTrak’s cashless catering solution provides a unique opportunity for any school or campus to expand their existing catering solution. Staff and students can benefit from using funds already in their online account to purchase items from the cashless vending machines. FasTrak can retro-fit existing vending machines to accept cashless payments using a fingerprint scan or smart card.

As FasTrak is integrated with BioStore’s ID Management solution, all a user needs to authenticate a purchase is either a smart ID card or biometrics to use the site’s cashless vending machines. This could be the same ID used to authenticate other products and services around the school or campus such as the canteen, or building access.


Students can take advantage of the food on offer at school without any intervention or permission from staff. Students can only buy for themselves and not for other students too.

The system can fully integrate with Free School Meal schemes. Pupils who are eligible for free food from vending machines can take advantage with no hassle.

Upgrade existing vending machines to accept cashless payments

Installing FasTrak cashless vending does not require replacing existing vending machines. BioStore can integrate its ID touch-points with machines already installed in your school or workplace. Adding an ID touch-point then allows for purchases on the vending machine to be made using the same ID or biometric used in the cafeteria, for computer logon, building access or any other solution authentication is required. BioStore offers a fantastic upgrade to your vending machines without the cost of entirely replacing them.

Benefits of cashless vending:

  • Each FasTrak-controlled vending machine can be configured individually
  • Vending machine access with no hassle – literally right at user’s fingertips
  • Configure the way user balances are displayed – choose to display customers’ total cash balances with or without Free School Meal allowances
  • Free School Meal students seamlessly catered for
  • Pupils without the assistance of any staff can get access to snacks – while maintaining a cash-free site
  • Keep your site completely cashless