Cashless Catering Unlocks Minds and Budgets

December 12, 2018

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New white paper from BioStore shows how cashless catering solutions can drive social inclusion and improve efficiencies

Cashless Catering for Schools: We All Need a Break

A new White Paper from BioStore, the company behind the FasTrak Cashless Catering solution used in schools and offices across the country, highlights not only how the system can boost pupil performance and drive school efficiency but how it can also be used as a tool for social inclusion.

The White Paper, called ‘Cashless Catering: We All Need a Break’, is a free-to-download in-depth study that explores the benefits the system can deliver to all those involved in education – from students to parents and the school authorities.

The White Paper discusses the importance of a lunch break in terms of social skill development, and also how a cashless system can help to remove the stigma that surrounds the uptake of Free School Meals (FSM) and boost the numbers taking advantage of that scheme.

The White Paper holds that it is outside the classroom and during breaks that key social skills are learnt by students. Those opportunities have lessened in the screen-dominated online world that captures much attention outside of schools. School-based social skill building break times have become more valuable than ever and help students to prepare for life after school.

When it comes to Free School Meals, if every child in the canteen queue is paying by a card, or by using a biometric, there is no visible sign to highlight which child’s food is being paid for by the state, and which one is using credits paid into the system by the parents. Many kids miss out on their Free School Meals because parents do not want them to be singled out in the payment queue – fearing it could lead to teasing or even bullying.

Encouraging greater take-up of Free School Meals not only benefits the children, but the school’s own budgets get a boost too as state Pupil Premium Funding uses the number of Free School Meals as part of its calculation for funding.

The White Paper also highlights how cashless catering speeds up service encouraging more students of all backgrounds to switch to school meals. Good healthy school food, rather than cold packed lunches or trips to the local takeaway, can make a positive difference to students’ diets and concentration levels in the classroom.

The White Paper recognises that making the most of break times is important – not just for the students but for the school too. The White Paper reflects on the effect cashless catering can have on a school’s operation and budget – particularly when combined with pre-ordering.

BioStore Managing Director, Nigel Walker said:

“This White Paper is a reminder of the importance of taking a break. That goes for all of us. There is a lot to be said about giving your mind a proper chance to rest, recover and rejuvenate. Students who have time to get a healthy meal, socialise and build friendships, are happier and more productive. We firmly believe here at BioStore, that cashless catering like our FasTrak solution, helps schools make the most out of all-important lunch breaks.”

To download the BioStore White Paper, “Cashless Catering: We All Need a Break”, head here.


Notes to Editor

About BioStore

BioStore is a UK owned and run business, and since 2005 has been amongst the leading suppliers of IT solutions developing identity management technologies. Providing high quality, secure systems for schools and businesses, BioStore’s solutions make it easy to manage the various software applications in use through a secure central user database.

BioStore provides integrated authentication for a variety of applications, including E-Registration, Print & Copy, Password Manager, Computer Logon, Cashless Catering, Visitor Manager, Access Control, Library Management and Locker Systems. With over 3,000,000 users every day, BioStore is acknowledged as the leading Identity Management provider in the UK, delivering secure authentication by RFID, Mifare, HID iClass and Magnetic Stripe cards, Username/Password, PIN, Barcode, Finger Biometric and OTP Fob.

BioStore’s FasTrak Solution

FasTrak is a simple to use but powerful integrated Cashless Catering and Attendance System, that solves many of the day-to-day administration problems faced in today’s busy Schools and Academies. Streamlining reporting and accounting requirements improves efficiency, and by keeping data private and confidential, removes the stigma of receiving Free School Meals.

Designed from the ground up, FasTrak administers and processes Universal Infant Free School Meals, Free School Meals, Supervisor Allowances, Online Payments, Cash Payments and Payments by Cheque.

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