Online Payment Systems for Schools Benefit All

July 17, 2019

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Online payment systems for schools are a no-brainer once you realise all the benefits the system brings to all involved. They make life easier for staff and parents, and ultimately, benefit students.

Online Payment Systems for Schools Benefit All

Why parents love online payment systems

It is the parents who schools will initially have to get on-board when they decide to implement and online payment system. If communicated correctly to parents, they will quickly understand the benefits it brings to them and their children.

Online payments in schools are primarily used for catering, school trips, uniforms etc. So instead of parents having to send a cheque, give their children cash and change each day, they can instead top up an online account. They can do it from a laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet. Paying for school items becomes simple and convenient. They can even set-up the account to automatically top-up, making management even easier.

In addition, parents can see their child’s purchase history online. This allows them to monitor their child’s diet and ensure they are buying school meals, and not spending money on the way home on a takeaway or unhealthy snacks and drinks.

What’s in it for schools?

An online payment system makes life a lot easier for many school staff members. Kitchen staff have an easier job during service, without the need to handle money in the canteen as everything is pre-paid.

Financial admin staff will see all payments are automatically recorded. There is no cash counting at the end of each day. Neither do cash bank collections need to be regularly arranged.

Teachers have an easier time asking and obtaining payments from parents for other school items. The payments for a school trip for example can be made on the same online payment system.

More students getting a healthy meal

Ultimately, the real benefit of an online payment system for schools is the impact it has on students. By making payment easier for parents and giving them the ability to monitor purchases, more students will get a school meal, likely to be healthier than any packed lunch or purchase on the way home.

The pre-paid feature also makes the service much faster, so queues are less of an issue for students. And finally, those on Free School Meals, receive their school food in the exact same way as everyone else, giving the process some privacy again.

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