FasTrak Solutions for Universities

Simple attendance recording and access systems on a cashless campus

Universities can gain a wide range of benefits by installing FasTrak’s cashless catering and attendance solutions. Perfectly designed for mature students as well as those just setting out on the independence road, FasTrak provides a simple to use system that delivers a higher level of service for students – while reducing bureaucracy and easing administration for the University.

Quick, easy and safe – introducing cashless catering

With FasTrak cashless catering, everything becomes much simpler for students and for the staff across all the canteens, student shops & unions on campus. Cashless Catering systems can deliver a unified approach to payments right across campus that speeds up payments, reduces cash handling, and improves security.

With cashless catering, the same authentication that students’ use to enter the campus or register attendance at a lecture, can be used to authorise any university catering. And if a biometric-based system has been deployed, that authorisation can be as simple as a fingerprint scan – easy to use and impossible to forget. Alternatively, a Smart Card system backed up by PIN codes for payments can be used safely and securely.

Both of these methods drastically reduce queues by speeding up throughput.

Top up online – and keep track of your spending

Students can top up their account from any Internet connection. They can also pre-order meals or grab bags for the days ahead – a system that further improve meal uptake, reduces queues and also allows better stock control and planning for the catering manager. Online payments give students a better overview of their spending habits and can help them manage their budget more efficiently.

And because the system can also be integrated into the Student Union bar, it’s easy for students to limit spending on a night out on campus.

Top up on campus – and place your order

FasTrak also offers on-site ways in which students can take advantage of any cashless catering solution on offer. Cash Loaders allow students to quickly top up their accounts as an alternative to doing so online. Pre-order points around the school can help reduce queues at lunchtime. Students and staff can pre-order a meal or select a grab brag for later. Again this helps the catering staff better prepare for the busy lunchtime period.

24-hour self service as well with Cashless Vending

FasTrak cashless catering systems can also integrate with the vending machines on campus, so they too can accept payment by smart card or even a biometric fingerprint scan. The payment is withdrawn from the same account used for the canteen and other facilities on campus.

This system does not require the University to deploy brand new vending machines that are already set-up for this type of payment – FasTrak can retro-fit existing vending machines to accept smart cards and even fingerprint scan payments. This cuts down on investment needed to provide a nice addition to the cashless capabilities on campus.

Cashless catering systems have multiple benefits for students and universities:


  • Shorter queues and faster service
  • Biometric payments mean no card to lose or forget
  • Pre-orders to get guaranteed choice
  • Online or on-site top-ups
  • Better budget control and no need to carry too much cash


  • Less cash to handle in canteens reduces errors and loss
  • Fingerprint scans speed payments
  • Pre-orders help canteen management
  • Reduces admin with campus-wide integration
  • Greater on-site security

Attendance and registration systems made easy

University students – whether freshers getting used to independence for the first time or returning mature students – are ideal users of biometric or smartcard-based attendance, registration and access systems.


With FasTrak’s solutions, Universities can provide the tools for a simple-to-use and easy-to-integrate campus wide attendance and access system.

Simply placing ID points at the entrance to a lecture hall or seminar room allows students to scan either their fingerprint or smart card to confirm their attendance. Professors and lecturers need not waste time taking a register. It’s a hands-off approach for staff and hands-on one for students.

Not just registration – authorisation too

Other campus resources can also be accessed this way – from the library to the fitness gym, resources use can be authorised, monitored and – if integrated with a cashless payment system – charged for where appropriate.

It’s an extremely easy system for Universities to implement and for students to use, even more so when biometrics are used. Students can’t forget their fingerprints, lose them, or borrow somebody else’s to game the attendance records, or worse, use another student’s account for payments.

Fingerprint, and smart card based systems, make it easy for Universities to keep track of who is on campus, where they are, and even plot typical routes to help planning pathways or allocating lecture rooms.

FasTrak’s attendance and registration systems have multiple benefits for students and universities:


  • Easy access and log-in
  • Multiple use Smartcards or biometrics
  • Biometric systems mean nothing to lose
  • Automatically register course attendance
  • Access course facilities and resources


  • Fully automated systems and records
  • Maximise teaching time and reduce lecturer admin
  • Track student movements across campus
  • Prohibit unauthorised visitors
  • Accurate head-counts in emergencies