FasTrak Solutions for Primary Schools

FasTrak’s cashless catering administration software facilitates in-class meal ordering & pupil registration to increase teaching time

BioStore’s FasTrak Cashless Catering and Attendance System is becoming the standard solution for primary schools, with its uncompromising quality and reliability. Interactive whiteboards for in-class meal ordering and online pre-ordering for parents, helps ease the burden of administering and delivering the Universal Infant Free School Meal (UIFSM) program, along with the new School Food Plan requirements.

FasTrak’s extensive range of facilities, including interactive whiteboards for in-class ordering, premium brand touch screen tills, online payment processing, as well as extensive reporting with product and menu management, provides efficiency for schools as well as improving the experience for staff and children.

Each solution integrates with the existing school’s MIS, allowing multiple applications to synchronise with FasTrak to ensure a seamless experience when using the FasTrak cashless catering system.

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Pre-order meals using interactive whiteboards

Simple and quick to use for pupils and teachers, the interactive whiteboard meal pre-order and attendance screen gathers the information the kitchen needs for food preparation, driving up efficiency and reducing costs.

Each student will only see their own class, as Staff have their own dedicated pre-order page with a range of reporting options.

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Parents can pre-order & pay online

FasTrak uses a web-based payment portal that enables parents to pre-order and make secure online payments for their child’s school meals, without the need to send cash to school. Parents can log in to view available meal options for the weeks ahead. Other advantages include reduced concerns around payment security, and the availability of transaction history for parents to view.

Record and Monitor Attendance

FasTrak’s pre-ordering system can be used as a simple e-registration system which synchronises with the school’s MIS automatically. By integrating with BioStore’s dedicated e-registration software, many additional features become available:

    • Pupils record themselves as present using interactive whiteboards in the classroom
    • Automatically records back into the school’s MIS
    • Write back present/late/absent marks
      • Registers staff time and attendance records
      • Generates and prints registration reports
      • Releases extra time for teaching
      • Reduces administration time

Improve school meal management for UIFSM & FSM to increase school meal uptake through extensive reporting & audit trails


View pre-orders for your whole school, just for a class (or multiple classes), and any uncollected pre-orders


View transactions for a single user, group of users, or for your whole school

Subsidised Meals

Run reports on fund deposits & sales, free school meal allowances, and free school meal eligibility which are due to expire

Revenue Review

Run reports on the revenue of your cashless catering system

Product Sales Analysis

View sales and popularity of each product you offer


Easily integrates with any existing school management system


FasTrak’s administration software provides staff & caterers with complete control over each product added. Add products as required, set prices, VAT, and FSM availability on a per-product basis.

Students that are lactose intolerant or allergic to certain food products are protected using FasTrak’s product warnings to display an alert if attempts are made to order a meal that is unsuitable for them.

In class, students can only pre-order food when a staff member has logged into the pre-order system and selected the relevant class. Once pre-orders have been made, the staff member can see a visual representation of who has ordered what, and edit selections.

Benefits to schools

      • Pupil pre-order on interactive whiteboard in classroom
      • Allow children to claim Universal Infant Free School Meals and Free School meals without being singled out
      • Reduces queuing time so your child has longer to enjoy their meal or play
      • Enables parents / school to monitor the child / pupil eating habits
      • Enables parents / school to monitor the child / pupil eating habits

Benefits to parents

      • Eliminate the worry of lost dinner money
      • Meal pre-order allows parents to choose their child’s meal in advance
      • Promoting healthy meals
      • Caterer / school can prepare the exact amount of food pre ordered
      • Saves you from trying to find dinner money every morning – you can top up easily online or by phone