FasTrak Solutions for Colleges

Access, registration and cashless payments made simple

FasTrak offers powerful solutions to colleges. Our cashless catering and attendance solutions are efficient and convenient for students and easy to install for administrators. Regardless of whether a college is using a smart identity card, a biometric solution, or a PIN based system, FasTrak can help smooth its day-to-day running.

Going cashless saves time and money

The college canteen experience can be massively improved by adopting a cashless payment system. Going for a dedicated, and comprehensive, cashless system can smooth the whole experience for everyone. Pr-ordering and pre-loaded payments mean students no longer face long queues and wait times for their food. While for the catering staff the system can lift their operation to a whole new level of speed and efficiency.

How it works

With cashless catering, students at the college have an account that they can top up in a number of ways. Then when they are actually in the canteen choosing a meal or picking up a pre-order, their payment or confirmation is authenticated with a simple scan – either of their cashless catering smart card, or – if a biometric system has been deployed – the touch of a fingerprint. There is no fumbling for change or waiting for card machines to connect.

An online friendly system

Students can manage their cashless account online. They can also top up out of campus hours so that the cashless catering payments can be made on site. Students can even pre-order their meals for the days ahead to further shorten their time in the queue and guarantee they get their preferred meal choice. This is particularly helpful to the catering staff as extensive use of pre-orders helps them better prepare and know what is expected on any given day.

Top-up and place orders on campus as well

FasTrak also offers on-site ways in which students can take advantage of any cashless catering solution on offer. Cash Loaders allow students to quickly top up their accounts as an alternative to doing so online. Pre-order points around the school can help reduce queues at lunchtime. Students and staff can pre-order a meal or select a grab brag for later. Again this helps the catering staff better prepare for the busy lunchtime period.

Snack machines can go cashless too

In addition, a student’s cashless catering account doesn’t have to be used exclusively for the canteen. New vending machines that can accept biometric or smart card authenticated payments can be installed. In fact, FasTrak can retro fit existing vending machines to accept an alternative cashless payment. Hassle free and easy to use vending machines are always a welcomed addition for students.

Cashless catering systems have multiple benefits for students and colleges:


  • Shorter queues and faster service
  • Biometric payments mean no card to lose or forget
  • Pre-orders to get guarantee choice
  • Online or on-site top-ups
  • Better budget control and no need to carry too much cash


  • Less cash to handle in canteens reduces errors and loss
  • Pre-ordering allows for better kitchen planning
  • Biometric payments mean no need to re-issue lost or stolen cards
  • Faster checkouts boosts efficiency and student throughput
  • Much greater on-site security

A modern approach to registration

In the college environment, students hours are far more fluid than the set times typical of primary and secondary schools. And to match those more flexible attendance hours, FasTrak provides a more flexible attendance system to keep track of who is on site, where they last checked in, and even monitor presence at specific lectures.

Using biometric technology, or a smart card, pin or password, students can simply sign in and out of campus at specially designated ID points. Colleges can even mount ID points at the entrance to every classroom, common room, library, or sports hall.

Instead of using valuable teaching time taking a register at the start of every lecture – FasTrak’s solution allows college students the independence to sign themselves in and out quickly and efficiently.

An automatic record

And of course, in those cases where presence is part of the qualification – clocking up practice hours for example – the centralised ID system provides an automatic and accurate attendance record.

And that is where biometric systems can really come into their own. Nobody can fool the system by swiping someone else’s card for example or “borrow” another student’s fingerprint. Perhaps an even bigger benefit is that students can’t lose their fingerprints or leave home without them.

FasTrak’s attendance and registration systems have multiple benefits for students and colleges:


  • Easy access and log-in
  • Multiple use Smartcards or biometrics
  • Biometric systems mean nothing to lose
  • Automatically register course attendance
  • Access course facilities and resources


  • Fully automated systems and records
  • Maximise teaching time and reduce lecturer admin
  • Track student movements across campus
  • Prohibit unauthorised visitors
  • Accurate head-counts in emergencies