What is FasTrak?

New software designed for schools from BioStore

BioStore’s FasTrak simple to use but powerful integrated Cashless Catering and Attendance System, solves many of the day-to-day administration problems faced in today’s busy Primary & Secondary schools. Streamlining reporting and accounting requirements improves efficiency, and by keeping data private and confidential, removes the stigma of receiving Free School Meals.

Cashless Catering and Attendance System for Schools
Designed from the ground up, FasTrak administers and processes Universal Infant Free School Meals, Free School Meals, Supervisor Allowances, Online Payments, Cash Payments and Payments by Cheque.

The all-new administration software helps staff to add, sort, categorise, and find products in menus that in some large sites may contain hundreds of food items.

Pre-order meals using interactive whiteboards in each classroom and take the class register all at the same time
With options including meal deals and grab-bags to provide more choice to students, take-up of school meals is encouraged. In addition to having control over available products, schools need methods of tracking transaction data, which is now possible with FasTrak’s range of report options.

It’s never been this easy to set up a new cashless catering system.