Cashless Catering

Cashless Catering

Biometric & smartcard payments using a secure central database for identity management across all applications

Online School Payments

Online Payments

Reduce staff administration time, the amount of cash held on campus and Free School Meal stigma

Attendance Monitoring

School Attendance

Keep an eye on registration, view attendance reports and real-time status updates when students register

Extensive Reporting

Meal Reporting

Easily access all the data recorded on product sales, system usage and student accounts with accurate & extensive reporting

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February 24, 2020

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Cashless Catering: We All Need a Break

Our free-to-download white paper is an in-depth study that explores the benefits a cashless catering system can deliver to all those involved in education – from students to parents and the school authorities.

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Cashless Catering We All Need a Break

Customer Success Stories:

  • We had a general feeling that since the introduction in the library of a BioStore [biometric] reader a year ago, [we have lent more books] as the borrowing process is now much quicker and students are enthusiastic about the technology. Having checked our loan statistics, I find that my instincts are correct. I’ve compared the autumn terms of 2010 and 2011 and found that in 2011, we issued almost 200 more books per month than in the same period. BioStore has enhanced the service we are able to offer to our students. For example, it has enabled us to quickly issue loans to whole forms during 10 minute registration periods. We did this for the whole of the new Year 7 in their first week – previously, they had to wait for a timetabled English lesson for their first chance to borrow a library book as it took much longer to get through the whole class. We find that some students on their way out of the library after using computers quickly check their library loans as it is so quick to just put their finger on the reader. In a school with a large number of EAL students, they are grateful that I can quickly access their details without having to wait while I try to spell their names.

    Margaret Buck, LRC Manager, Northolt High School

  • When we initially installed cashless catering systems in our 12 high schools, the biometric system wasn’t available at the time, therefore the only option was to install the card system. When the biometric system was available, we gradually changed over each high school and a positive reaction was noted immediately. All previous card-based problems were solved immediately. There were a few queries regarding data protection and the use of fingerprints, but this surprisingly was from teachers only. We sent information to parents to explain it wasn’t a police type fingerprint and we didn’t get any problems. The BioStore system was easy to use and has transformed the cashless catering system. I would not consider a cashless catering system using cards if there was the option to use the BioStore biometric system.

    Jill Northrop, Catering & Cleaning Operations Manager, Kingswood Catering & Cleaning, Wakefield Council

  • We first came across BioStore when we put in a cashless catering system that used BioStore biometrics. Because it worked very well for us, I wanted to use biometrics with other applications in the school but still have a single biometric database. Using BioStore gave us the opportunity to do that. BioStore has made life so much easier. It has made routine tasks faster and reduced the burden on staff (especially the Password Managers).We have found the BioStore biometrics to be very reliable and easy to use.

    Westgate School